Randy Rocha's Neighborhood

This is the story of how I came to work with Coach Randy .
I  made this in April 2015.  It's only gotten funnier since then.

Shredded Grace

This is our book trailer !
Randy helped me and I'm trying to help Matt.

Training:  This is what Randy looks like when he's scrutinizing your form

Life is my Sport:  This is what Randy puts up with

Randy and Ed:  Ed Blueberry is Ann's Recovery Buddy and likes to hang out with Coach R

Pictures by Mathew Cherian, Ann Tan, and Randy Rocha

© 2018+ Randy Rocha

Randy Rocha - One of the funniest...

...things I've ever seen. I was doing research and found this hilarious video of R training US Soccer's Ali Krieger (ACL Rehab). It's funny bc he uses some of those lines about moving your arms, You know, "athletically" on me.